Vacation Resume by Doctor Vacation

"When in doubt, choose the Tropics!" - Doctor Vacation

For now we are not updating this page that much, and are directing folks to our newest idea, a systematic record of our Unexcused Absences, in which we hope to experience a proper mid-life crisis (no sportscars or second spouses here) and take a year (maybe more) off from responsibility to just enjoy life.

Vacation Resume

Boating Vacations Non-Boating Vacations
  • Fall 2010, 1 week on a 40' cat bareboat sailing through the Abacos
  • Fall 2010, 1.5 weeks on a 28' canal boat in the Canal du Midi, France
  • Fall 2009, 1.5 weeks bareboat sailing through the BVI and St Barths
  • Fall 2009, 2.5 weeks on the canals of Burgundy
  • Fall 2008, a trip to the Bahamas, and a sail through the Leeward Islands
  • Summer 2008, 12 days bareboat sailing in The Seychelles
  • Fall 2007, 10 days on the canals of Alsace/Lorraine
  • May, 2007, twelve day bareboat delivery from Antigua through the Leeward Islands to the BVI
  • Oct/Nov, 2006, ten days bareboat sailing in the BVI
  • Mar/Apr 2006, fourteen day bareboat in Turkey
  • October, 2005, 15 days bareboat sailing in Vava'u, Tonga
  • May, 2005, eight days bareboat sailing from the BVI to St. Martin
  • October, 2004, two-week sailing tour of Tahiti's Leeward Islands, French Polynesia
  • July, 2004, two-week sailing tour of The Leeward Islands of the Caribbean
  • June, 2003, two-week sailing tour of The British Virgin Islands
  • June, 2002, bareboat sailing charter to St. Vincent and the Grenadines
  • April, 2002, bareboat sailing charter to the BVI
  • December, 2001, bareboat sailing charter to the BVI
  • June, 2001, bareboat sailing in Guadeloupe, French West Indies
  • November, 2000, bareboat sailing in the BVI
  • December, 1999, two weeks bareboat sailing in Southwest Florida (haven't scanned the pics yet)
  • June, 1999 bareboat sailing in the Leeward Islands
  • June, 1997 bareboat sailing in Grenada
  • July, 1996 bareboat sailing in the BVI (haven't scanned the pics yet)
  • June, 1995 bareboat sailing in the BVI (haven't scanned the pics yet)
  • May, 1994 bareboat sailing in the BVI (haven't scanned the pics yet)

    Wedding and Honeymoon

  • October 1998 Wedding in Maui, Hawaii
  • Honeymoon pictures from Staniel Cay, Exumas, Bahamas

    General Photos

  • The new Bryce House, under construction
  • My new hobby, pottery
  • June, 1995 going-away party at my old condo in Falls Church, VA
  • No date, just random photos
  • Fall, 2009 skiing in Beaver Creek as part of the Talon Crew, the courseworkers for the Birds of Prey World Cup Downhill Ski Race
  • Fall, 2009 trip to Italy (Firenze, Siena, and the Cinque Terre)
  • Spring, 2009 trip to the French Alps, Spain, and Morocco
  • September, 2008 four days hiking in Yosemite National Park
  • March, 2008 one week skiing in Les Trois Vallees, French Alps followed by 2 days in Paris
  • March, 2007 ski trip to Steamboat, Colorado for the Nastar National Championships
  • December, 2006 six-day "business" trip to Rome, Italy
  • March, 2006 one week skiing in Les Trois Vallees, French Alps
  • January, 2006 ski trip to Steamboat, Colorado
  • December, 2005 cruise to the Western Caribbean
  • March, 2005 wedding in Punjab, India
  • March, 2005 one week skiing in Les Arcs, France
  • March, 2004 skiing in Big Cottonwood Canyon, Utah
  • October, 2003 three weeks in Maui and Kauai (pics are finally here!)
  • Summer 2002, six-week driving trip around the USA
  • November, 1998 honeymoon in Staniel Cay, Exumas, Bahamas
  • March, 1998 backpacking in Haleakala Crater, Maui
  • March, 1998 skiing vacation in Utah (again)
  • March, 1996 skiing vacation in Utah

    Long Weekends / Special Events

  • November, 2007, four days in the Florida Keys
  • November, 2007 final MLS playoff game DC United vs. Chicago Fire.
  • April, 2007 one-day "fin-du-ski" adventure to Mont Tremblant, Quebec.
  • September, 2006 five-day trip to Puerto Rico
  • January, 2006 cross-country skiing at White Grass, West Virginia
  • August, 2005 long weekend to San Francisco
  • April, 2004 a jaunt to Mont Ste. Anne, Quebec, to celebrate the 40th birthday of Ted, the Minister of Leisure
  • July, 2003 long weekend in Seattle
  • February, 2003 President's Day Weekend at Bryce Resort
  • November, 2001 trip to Maui, Hawaii
  • January, 1998 hiking in the Shenandoah Valley, Virginia (heat wave, so no skiing)
  • Videos

    Miscellaneous Time Lapse
  • My Trailer (1:38 min) and Feature Presentation (10:00 min) of the Bryce Resort 2010 Ski Season
  • My Trailer (1:59 min) and Feature Presentation Part 1 (7:31 min) / Part 2 (8:25 min) of the Bryce Resort 2004 Ski Season
  • A day in the life of St. Barths (2:14 min)
  • Washington DC Funeral for Ronald Reagan (5:09 min), June 2004
  • Twenty-four hour visit to Quebec City and Mt. Ste. Anne (1:58 min)
  • Soccer game in Italy, Lazio vs. Roma, Crowd Singing Chaos (0:40 min) and Game Highlights (3:13 min)
  • Pipeline Skiing (3:22 min)
  • Sailing through the Leeward Islands (2:56 min)
  • Time lapse cruise on the Nivernais Canal (1:41 min)
  • "Snowmageddon" major snowstorm inVirginia, February 2010 (0:36 min)
  • Renting a mini-excavator and doing some landscaping (1:46 min)
  • Time lapse of a drive across the plains from Glacier Park to Great Falls, Montana (0:23 min)
  • The Seventeen Year Cicada Emergence (3:19 min) from 2004
  • Total Solar Eclipse in Southern Turkey (0:20 min)
  • For a nice, inexpensive place to stay near Beaver Creek, check out Unit 221 at The Seasons at Avon.
    Dr. Vacation highly recommends Podium Ski Wax for all important ski races
    And if you're traveling through western New York state, the folks at Days Inn Dunkirk-Fredonia are extremely kind and helpful.

    My Cidada Emergence Timelapse video has been a big hit. (Click the "From User" link on Google Video to see more of my video shorts)

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