Kent's Going-Away Party, Falls Church, Virginia, 1995

The intersection of two groups of friends (work and skiing) occurred a couple days before I moved to Maui in June, 1995. My condo is unfortunately looking pretty sparse, since most of the furniture and all of the wall hangings were in storage by the time of the photos.

Left to right: Betsy Herring, Camilla Cornwell, Don Cornwell (foreground), Greg Switzer, a bunch of people not facing the camera, Jan Kalshoven (tie-die shirt), Bill Longsworth looking pensive.

Left to right: Bert Johnson (Mars Observer Laser Altimeter Project Manager and really cool guy), Camilla and Don Cornwell, Jonathan "A.R." Rall, Linda Pacini

Left to right: Linda Pacini, Don Cornwell, Christopher Field looking well lubricated, Greg Elman (right about the time he passed his kidney stone, it appears), Jan Kalshoven, Jon "Fireball" Rall

The Bryce ski connection: Shanie Bankson, Bill Longsworth, George Curley and Christine (now Curley too)

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