John, Alexis, Robin, Kent and Heather
Backpacking through Haleakala Crater, Maui, Hawaii, March 1998

Two-day backpacking trip through Haleakala National Park (the dormant 10,000 foot volcano on Maui). John, Robin, Kent and Heather hiked 11 miles down Sliding Sands trail from the summit (3,500 foot loss of altitude) to a Park Service cabin for the night, then back out Switchbacks trail the next day. Alexis was along for a day hike.

Along the way we had windy cold, tropical heat, hurricane wind and rain, and brilliant sunshine. Go figure.
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Start: 10,000 feet,windy and cold. L to R: Heather, Kent, Alexis, Robin

Sliding Sands trail on the way down

20 minutes in, temperature's climbing already. Alexis, John, Kent, Heather.

Halfway to the floor, looking back up Sliding Sands trail, with Silversword plants found only on Haleakala.

On the floor of the crater, 7,000 feet, volcanic cinder cones in the background.

Temperature's getting warmer, on the trail with Kent, Heather, Alexis and John.

Lunch stop, about 6 miles in. Alexis hiked back out from here.

Sunrise the next day. No flash for camera, so no pics from inside the cabin during the hurricane.

The trail.

Kent's office view in Paia.

Maui Prince Hotel


Paddling near Turtletown

La Perouse Bay

Heather's first wave

Johnny Z!

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