Other Travel Journals


Canal Boats in Europe

  • Bill and Nancy onboard M/V Eclaircie, a converted barge now mostly tied up in the Arsenal, Paris
  • Eric and Sudi Berg on M/V Oldtimer, a 1927 Dutch barge
  • Chris and Diana on M/V Esme
  • A (slightly overly) loquatious Brit onM/V Saul Nomad
  • Don and Cathy Jo on M/V Odysseus, friends of John and Patti on Capri
  • John and Patty on M/V Capri, looking for a bigger boat
  • M/V Avesol
  • David and Pamela aboard M/V Lee Crest, a new built 40' cruiser


  • GlobeDecker, young New Yorkers who packed up and traveled around the world for 13 months visiting 40 countries. My heroes! Their travel log is at Travel Pod.
  • Two Gypsies, two mid-life folks from DC who have been traveling the US and the world since 1999 (including 3 years on a sailboat)
  • Traveling Europe by Caravan (RV), two young folks from Australia write a VERY engaging story.


  • A nice HDR tutorial website

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