Kent's Random Photos

People over-use the word "Random", but these pictures simply have no categories to which they belong. I think you'll agree after you browse through them...

Mark D'Agostino bites dust. Standing, from left to right: Adam Strichman, Chuck Niskey, Kent Christian, Bill Dauksher, with Mike Weiner administering the blessing. From Mark's wedding, Huntsville, Alabama, June 1997. Click photo for a more "normal" wedding picture.

Clockwise from front left: Nadine Hartke, Anita Hartke, Kent Christian, Cathy Freidrickson, Roland Burrell, Bill Kost. Christmas holidays (1997) at the Copper Kettle, Bryce Resort, Virginia.

I think that what I was cooking blew up on my shirt. With appologies to Cas Shiver, the artistic genius who created the shirt.

A proper Maui Cruiser: Packed with golf, surf, snorkel and windsurf gear. There's no actual room to steer, you drive by hanging out the left front door...

Former girlfriend and friends on vacation to Honolulu. Yours truly was the token guy for the weekend.

I won't even try to explain this one. From left: Roland Burrell, Cathy Burzio, Jeannie, "Guy with silly glasses", Kimberly Pace.

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