Kent and the gang hiking instead of skiing because of the post-new year's heat wave.

(might as well blame El Nino for this one as well)

Phil and Karen Perkins, my Mom & Dad, Heather Thomas (the woman of my dreams) and her best friend Karen (visiting from Montana) joined me for a hike up Signal Knob (Fort Valley) outside of Front Royal, Virginia at the north end of the Shenandoah Valley. January 1998. By the way, Phil and Karen had the coolest walking sticks. The rest of us had stick envy. (Photos click to expand)

Sooooo cute!

Left to right: Phil, Karen, Karen, Ruth, Don (attempting to remain anonymous), Heather, Kent

Karen, Heather, Kent, Ruth, Don, Phil, Karen

Sooooo cute, verson 2: Mom & Dad

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