Fall 2006 Bareboat in the BVI - Poem by Barbie Duff

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Here's to the Islands...

Here's to the islands, a full moon and fair winds
and to sailing and fun with new-found friends.

It's Autumn '06 and as the mercury drops
Sights are set on the tropics and warm sunny stops.

Mike's idea- "BVI and one hull if we dare.
You handle the details 'cuz I just don't care"

Kent & Heather began planning but three was too few
so Chris, Ro, Barb & Nan completed the crew.

It was too good to pass up, Ten days sailing around.
For who knows what treasures were there to be found.

Bruno was a beauty despite a name usually male.
It mattered not soon we found HE could really sail.

Leverick Bay, Bitter End and sailors hitting their marks
Roti for lunch, beach happy hour and feeding the sharks.

Moving on to Aneganda and Loblolly Beach,
A beautiful spot once you navigate the reefs.

Snorkeling at Great Dog, rolly night in Savannah Bay
Then climbing rocks at the Baths- what a fun day!

A night at Cooper Island, dinner at the beach club
The next day the Rhone and the Willie T for some grub,

Snorkeling the Indians with coral in colors so bright
Later exploring Norman Island on a sunset hike.

Friday in Leinster Bay where Chris climbed the mast
A great point for a view and a photo of the cast.

After snorkeling, kayaking and relaxing all day,
We sailed straight across to beautiful White Bay.

Wasting no time we took the dinghy ashore
for painkillers so good we returned for more.

Dancing on deck under a moon not so dim
But so bright it called for a midnight swim.

The next day we sailed along Jost Van Dyke
to sleep in a cove on a clear moonlit night.

Led by a dog along a path to a pool
where waves crashed in forming bubbles- so cool.

Monkey Point and eating lunch at a gorgeous spot
Rock jumping was exciting- even Mike took a shot.

Mixed feelings while sailing that last full day
all the way 'round Tortola and to Marina Cay.

An open cockpit for drinks under a clear starry view
Then ashore for dinner and more toasts from the crew.

Monday was sad as we reached Sunsail base
Fat Hog Bob's for lunch before the airport race.

It's hard to put into words and to report
on such special days together- just simply too short.

Let's always remember the fun times we spent
sailing and laughing and how much it meant

To come together- mostly strangers to start
yet leave as friends so dear to the heart.

There's not much more left that I can say
Except hope to see you all again some day.

And here's to fair winds, full moon and friends.
Hey Kent, when can we go sailing together again?

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Poem by Barbie Duff, fall 2006

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