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"I have eyes, and you have eyes as well"
- Grenadian proverb

The Gang at Dennis' Hideaway

The Place:
Grenada, British West Indies (southern Caribbean Sea) and The Grenadines (St. Vincent, BWI).

The Suspects: See the People
Kent, Nancy, David, Michele, Adam, Suzy, Bill, Melissa, Jay, Greta, Tommy, Mehdi

The Mission:
Isn't it obvious? We're on an eight day sailing vacation!

The Boats: See the Boat Photos
"Nautical Chic", a 44 foot sloop - Kent (skipper), Adam (#1), Nancy, Suzy, Bill
"Gwahir", a 37 foot catamaran - David (skipper), Jay (#1), Michele, Greta, Melissa, Tommy, Mehdi

Tobago Cays

The Ports of Call: See the Scenic Photos and Trip Sequence
Day 1: Halifax Harbor (Grenada)
Day 2: Tyrell Bay (Carriacou)
Day 3: Sandy Island (Carriacou), Chatham Bay and Clifton Harbor (Union Island)
Day 4: Jamesby Island (Tobago Cays)
Day 5: Salt Whistle Bay (Mayreau)
Day 6: Petit St. Vincent Resort (PSV)
Day 7: Hillsborough (Carriacou)
Day 8: Prickly Bay, L'Anse Aux Epines (Grenada)
Day 9: The Moorings Marina, Mt. Hartman Bay (Grenada)

See the Photo Highlights

The Highlights:
Mehdi, the walking international incident
The Riddle Man
Jamesby Island

The "Aphroszhediak" that can lead to a "Triage"
Rum Punch
"The Plight" story, a favorite from 1994
The crew of "Quintescence", candidates for the Darwin Award
"How do you say thank you in your language?" (the King's English)
"Kick 'em Jenny"
The Takeaway
David's Reef Shark (did he really see a shark, or was it a fig newton of his imagination?)
Cooking instructions for Callaloo - first you boil it, then you strain it, then you mash it, then you dry it (but not too much), then you add onions and garlic, then you saute it, then you...
Dennis' Hideaway
"The Yankee Clipper" (Grenadian for "boat with naked old people on it")

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