The Boat

46-foot Robertson & Caine sailing catamaran from The Moorings


June 20 through July 5, 2008

Islands Visited

  1. -Mahé

  2. -Praslin

  3. -Curieuse

  4. -La Digue

  5. -Grand Soeur

  6. -Félicité

The Crew

Suzanne, Peggy, Ted, Todd, Mike, Heather and Kent


Thank you Ted (The Minister of Leisure) for a nicely upgraded boat.  Thank you Suzanne for suggesting the Seychelles as a perfect destination for your “29th” birthday.  Thanks Moorings for a really sweet bareboat.  And thanks to all the crew who made my job as skipper really easy.

All photos are copyright © 2008 by their respective owners, Ted (T), Suzanne (S), Peggy (P), Mike (M).  All unmarked photos by Kent or Heather.



We were living large in the Seychelles on our latest trip, as were the local flora and fauna; bigger plants in the rain

forest such as the famed coco de mer, larger reef fish in the sea, huge (and friendly) tortoises and the biggest damn

spiders we’d ever seen on land!  We also had two days of living large at Le Meridien in Bel Ombre where we may

have been mistaken for celebrities - or maybe were just treated really, really well.

Above the sea, the Seychelles landscape is a glorious mix of granite and sand and dense tropical vegetation.  Colossal

monoliths and huge boulders meet the sea in a thin ribbon of white sand that winds among their crevices.  The

natural world above and below the sea fascinates visitors with its inhabitants’ extraordinary size, diversity and color.

And finally, the local culture is warm, inviting and relaxing.  The Seychellois must appreciate their most beautiful

islands, because they sport the biggest smiles anywhere!