Fall Caribbean Trip - BVI and St. Barths

Gustavia, St. Barths

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Tonight we drink - tomorrow we sail

It happened again - the Tropics' sweet call
The year was '09 as the leaves turn and fall.
We gathered together, five wives and one man
With the Captain's favorite wife his number one fan.
Other skippers and crew in Tortola's West End
Marvel at the makeup of the crew on "Wolf's Wind".
Halloween called for costumes- turbans all around
Trick or treating by dinghy but no candy was found.
Just a warm "welcome aboard" from a nearby cat
As Paul & the crew rolled out the welcome mat.
A fun evening was spent, sailing stories to swap
T'was after midnight when we decided to stop.
The first night aboard, close quarters for sure
Including the nightly shower- the 3 am pour.
The first day sailing- sunshine & breeze so free
And aiming for lunch on the beach at Sandy Cay
But foiled by a northern swell that was rough
made just standing upright in the Bubble Pool tough.
A night in Little Harbor- in a calm quiet spot
Picking lobsters to eat but first a photo op.
In the morning a quick trip to beautiful White Bay
A swim ashore toting soggy dollars with which to pay
For a refreshing Painkiller- the island's own drink
The breakfast of Champions- What do you think?
Next sailing to St John for a lunch in Leinster Bay
Where we snorkeled and swam for much of the day.

Grilling steaks while moored off Norman Island for the night
And dancing on deck under a full moon's bright light.
Snorkeling The Indians- the reef colors so bright
Except for the burn of fire coral's bite.
A morning stop in Spanish Town for customs and grub
Then sailing all day to the Bitter End Yacht Club.
Free drinks ashore before the bright moon rise
Then dinner aboard & rest for twelve tired eyes.
The next day it's ashore for a lot more fun
Hiking & reading & shopping & sun.
Later after lunch and land showers for all
we set off on the eighteen hour overnight haul.
St Barths was the goal - a long way away
But well worth the trip once docked at the quai.
We were all quite surprised to discover with shock
We arrived just in time for Jimmy Buffett on the dock.
LeSelect has been around for sixty long years
Gustavia's abuzz with reverie and cheers.
Celebrating with Marius- cheeseburgers and fries
Then dancing on deck to Jimmy's musical cries.
A lot of other fun things to do in St Barths
When not people watching from the deck of "Wolf Fart"
The island is special - No doubt about that!
Fun driving around amid shouts of "Oh CRAP!!"
St Barths is full of steep hills and thin roads
Always happy to return to our floating abode.
Gustavia shopping- a perfume & jewelry spree
Let's not forget The Palace and La Patisserie.

We were sad to drop Jen at St Maarten for a flight
before we embarked on another crossing - all night.
This one was smoother - generating sighs all around
But the Baths was too rough so we found Spanish Town.
Checking back into customs and a little more food
Trying not to let the trip's end spoil our mood.
A night a Cooper Island without the beach club
We grilled out pork chops after one last "Joy scrub".
The final treat - not sure if it's nautical lore
Graham crackers, marshmallows & chocolate for S'mores.
With heavy hearts the next day we sailed with a frown
Across the wide channel and into Road Town.
Time to catch a ferry, a plane and a cab
Barbie, Kristin & Sarah left Heather & Kent very sad.
What great times together- lots of laughter and fun
Once again a new crew came together as one.
So thank you to our skipper and his first mate
Let's do this again- but please don't make us wait!!
Until then, just remember our nightly toast without fail
For tonight we drink and tomorrow we sail.

Barbie Duff
November 17, 2009

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